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A Day at the Palace of Legion of Honor in S.F.

The Impressionist Paris: The City of Light exhibition at the Legion of Honor in SF was quite a treat. A short trip to Europe and beyond – I would call it. It took me back to the tourist time I spent in Paris and its museums. But what a foggy day it was in S.F. and as I was walking up and standing outside to take a few iPhone photos, I kept hearing the fog horns in the distance. I felt like a tourist in the Fog City – and I kind of miss the fog horns. It was a school day so I was sure my daughter was enjoying her PE day as much as I was enjoying my time alone – playing tourist in SF.

Photos are not allowed at the special exhibits. So I took one that was not part of the special exhibits. Can you guess the artist name of painting below?

Impressionist Painting

Impressionist Painting

The museum has other permanent collections and photo taking without flash is allowed. Below is a photo of Picasso’s The Orator Scuptor on Rodin’s Horse. I thought that was rather cute.

There are other French painters’ works on display in one of the galleries. Paintings from other European painters from different centuries were also in various galleries. British painter, Albert Moore’s Roses ca.1885 was also one of my favorites.

British Painter Albert Moore's Roses

British Painter Albert Moore's Roses

In one of the galleries, there was a well-preserved mummy on display. I did not get a photo of it though – don’t like the coffin so much right now. The mummy was from hundreds of years ago and it was CT scanned at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto to get images of the skull, dental and spinal structures. I did not write down the donor’s name but it was donated to the Legion of Honor. The mummy got to travel to be a special exhibit at other museums around the US.

Rodin’s Mother and Child piece was also my favorite. I cannot remember whether I saw that piece in Paris. It was a long time since I visited the City of Light.

Mother & Child by Rodin

Mother & Child by Rodin

I like the painting below but forgot the artist name. You could tell I am not quite a patron of the arts nor an artist to follow such works of arts in detail.

Peaches, grapes and flowers

Painting of peaches, grapes and flowers

The day was delightfully peaceful and I did not speak for hours during the museum visit. I will do visits like that from time to time to recharge and get some staycation time. I enjoyed the Cafe’s Fig Tart with tea to conclude the visit. I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture. It was pick up time. Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

A Coign of Vantage, 1895

A Coign of Vantage, 1895 by Dutch Painter Sr Lawrence Alma Tadema