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A Secret Note to My 7 Year Old Daughter

You are a beautiful child and I love you so much. I like kissing your puffy cheeks and reading your favorite stories together. Your smiles just melt my heart and your laughs just tickle my heart. I hope to be the best Mom I can be. Forgive me for having to give you time out’s, taking your huggy bunny away when you misbehaved, and not being able to hug you when you had temper tantrums and insisted on buying something every time you went into Pottery Barns Kids. I hope I can teach you “value” – value of love and friendship, value of “self” and discipline, value of time and money. I hope I can just love you and buy you everything you ever want, but I know it’s not love and it’s not going to be good for you and it’s not teaching you anything. I am learning how to be a good parent. Sometimes it’s hard but sometimes it’s all worth it when I see changes in you. Mommy loves you so much sweetie!

Playground time

Playground time


Gratitude to co-workers – Thank you!

Cupcake Cake from Safeway Bakery

Thank you very much to my lovely friends and co-workers!

This post is a tribute to my friends/co-workers who hosted a fond farewell for me last week at Cascal in downtown Mountain View on Castro at California streets in the Silicon Valley. I received wonderful gifts, a hand decorated apron, fresh bouquet flowers and a cake made out of cupcakes. That was so very kind and nice of my buddies. It was my 3rd time to depart from this company and it appeared as if I was making a habit out of it. These folks that I worked with are not only talented in their professions but also kind, hardworking and thoughtful. I was worried that they were working way too hard sacrificing their personal and family time not to mention their health and well-being for the sake of the company. Corporations cut back on employees and these folks are doing more work with less people. While many corporations CEO’s and senior executives made more money than ever, even in this economy, front line workers are putting more hours (with no additional pay) to get the work done without much recognition and reward. It’s not fair but those who are making millions of dollars are not going to give up making more money. They exercise their powers to the max to reward themselves and that is a fact of capitalism right now. So to my friends and co-workers, I would like to say Thank You! and also Take Care of yourselves!

Cascal restaurant features South American cuisines, and Friday nights are usually packed with lots of people for cocktails. We had red Sangria, white Sangria and mojito. I normally cannot drink much but I prepared for it by eating a bigger lunch that day and I was OK afterwards.  We had a sampler plate of tapas, beets with pear salad, grilled ahi tuna and paella. Everything was delicious. It was so wonderful to be able to spend some time with good friends. Cheers to friendships and good health!

As for me, I have started working on home remodeling tasks and finding temporary housing during this time so we don’t have to breathe dusty air. It will keep me busy for a while until the remodeling is done and we can move back and unpack. I am staying out of trouble friends! I will not be able to cook much (which I don’t do too well anyways) during this time. I will be blogging about restaurants that we visit, and it will still be about food and friends and family. I am just focusing on short-term goals and looking forward to the trip to Disney World in Florida and the Caribbean cruise that will follow. We also want to vacation in Asia or Europe depending on availability of time and resources and my daughter’s summer school schedules. Long term goals can take a nap right now….zzzzzz

What is (are) your favorite restaurant(s) in your neighborhood?

Say Salmon, Saumon….

My first blog – about me cooking. How exciting! Starting this week my goal is to cook at least one dinner a week – I found a recipe in Fancy That Fancy This blog. OK – this week’s choice is “Salmon”. Will let you know how it turns out. First, to the market….

A new beginning

New for me. Have not thought about what to put in yet. Interested in Food, Love, Parenting, Elmentary Schools, California and the Bay Area.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!