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5 Things My Father Taught Me


My father had impeccable taste for good tailoring.

My Father - Photo taken in HK cir. 1976

Be Thankful – Yes, say “Thank You” and “Please”.  He asked for help and he was grateful for the help. Thank you Daddy for everything a great father could possibly be.

Be Giving/Charitable – He was very charitable and giving. He loved to give and also receive. He helped many people and gave when he had lots of money and when he did not have a lot of money. Charity was in him.

Be Honest – Before he retired he had a small business and also paid all taxes due. Never tried to hide the income. That’s why he was left with so little profit after costs and taxes. He had a good time running the business though.

Get a good education –  My father believed in education and he made sure he drilled it into people he met. He made sure all his 7 children graduated from college and at least had 1 or more degrees. He picked me up from college late at night, 2 nights a week, for a year that I did not yet have a driver’s license. He was a proud father. He loved going to graduations (as much as going to parties) including his grand children’s whenever he could. He was a very proud grandfather.

Do not smoke – It’s all over the place why smoking is bad for human beings. I cannot understand why some people still smoke. Stop it. Don’t start smoking. It caused all kinds of respiratory illnesses and cancer. And a lot of pain. And it really killed!

NOTE:         Smoking kills!     DO NOT SMOKE!     REALLY NO SMOKING!

July 9th, 2010 – My father passed on at the hospital with respiratory failure after the battle with lung cancer for over 1 year. His lungs failed. He stopped smoking over 30 years ago, but still. May he rest peacefully in heaven.