About me or us

Maui 2009 Vacation

Winter 2008 Princess Em

Princess Em

Am swimming in the middle of somewhere and reaching to the shore called “the middle-age”. And still trying to figure out “what the hack……” Personally I am organic (closer to the mother-earth’s creation) and I refer to some people (I don’t enjoy knowing so much but have to face each work day) as “processed food”. Well I am a transplant from Asia and have taken deep roots here in California – SF Bay Area. Got spoiled by my beautiful and pampering mother and family that I did not really learn how to cook growing up. And am still trying to learn to cook simple but healthy – if and when I cook. Have started reading food blogs lately and am enjoying the blogs tremendously as a brand new discovery.  Here’s my resolution: Will try to cook at least once a week. My spouse just has to cook 3 days a week and my young daughter helps cook scramble eggs on Sunday mornings. OK – does not sound so fair but I can clean better than cook so I clean up after everyone in my own small family…..


4 responses to “About me or us

  1. Hi! Welcome to the blog world 🙂

    If you’ve never learned to cook, cooking once a week will be a great start!

  2. Hi! I’m a newbie to the blog world as well and am loving the experience. Would like to add you to my blogroll if you don’t mind. Hope we can enjoy this journey together.

  3. Hey there..I keep trying to reply to your emails but they are being returned to me! I just wanted to say how much I agree about Brad and Tom being very overrated.

    Thanks, as always for your nice comments!

    • Hi Ameena, Thanks for your email. Sorry – I obviously had a typo in the email box in the comment when I submitted it last night – must be my eye site. I will check that next time before pressing “submit”. Thanks for letting me know. As cute as Brad and Tom are – they are given way too much credit. My apologies. Cheers, Ive

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