A Secret Note to My 7 Year Old Daughter

You are a beautiful child and I love you so much. I like kissing your puffy cheeks and reading your favorite stories together. Your smiles just melt my heart and your laughs just tickle my heart. I hope to be the best Mom I can be. Forgive me for having to give you time out’s, taking your huggy bunny away when you misbehaved, and not being able to hug you when you had temper tantrums and insisted on buying something every time you went into Pottery Barns Kids. I hope I can teach you “value” – value of love and friendship, value of “self” and discipline, value of time and money. I hope I can just love you and buy you everything you ever want, but I know it’s not love and it’s not going to be good for you and it’s not teaching you anything. I am learning how to be a good parent. Sometimes it’s hard but sometimes it’s all worth it when I see changes in you. Mommy loves you so much sweetie!

Playground time

Playground time


One response to “A Secret Note to My 7 Year Old Daughter

  1. What a sweet post! I’m sure years down the road when she becomes a beautiful woman inside and out, she’ll thank you for guiding her in the right direction and teaching her the value of “value”.

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